Style Image

There are some shortcode examples, you can be combined freely by yourself.

Image description or alternate text.
  • Width: (integer) Set the width for the image.
  • Height: (integer) Set the height for the image.
  • Image: (string) URL of the image file.
  • Align: (string) (Optional) Image alignment: left, right, center.
  • Alt: (string) (Optional) Image description or alternate text.
  • Url: (string) URL for the image link.
  • Lightbox: (string) (Optional) Open link in a lightbox: Yes, No. If opening the full size version of the image being resized the “link” parameter is not needed.
  • Fade: (string) (Optional) yes, no.
[style_image width="650" height="330" image="" align="alignleft" alt="Image description or alternate text." url="" border="yes" lightbox="yes" fade="yes"]